Digital health – creating personalized health care

Saibu Baba, TG Daily
February 5, 2018

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The healthcare industry is beginning to leverage popular concepts such as “blockchain” and “Bitcoin” to help maximize benefits for patients. Witty Health is a physician-owned company beginning to leverage some of these technologies as a part of their digital health strategy to help create lines of production for digital cancer therapies.

Digital health is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society.

In the company’s platform strategies, Witty Health has created OncoPower, which is a token-fueled blockchain-based platform that improves cancer treatment outcomes and includes all cancer drug toxicity monitoring capabilities. Further, anyone can create an app for the OncoPower blockchain and use the Onco digital token. Essentially, the OncoPower platform is an SEC-compliant, token-fueled platform.

Co-founder Ram Shesha describes Witty Health as a digital therapeutics company. They develop smart solutions for the prescription drug market to improve health outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients. Using digital technology, the company can monitor patients on a more personalized basis and treat them accordingly.

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Digital health has tremendous potential to make the next type of impact that the healthcare world needs. Being able to monitor patients 24/7 and aggregate millions of patient monitoring data points to improve drug development. There is often a difference between how a drug performs in clinical trials versus real life when it comes to outcomes and QoL. Machine learning, remote patient monitoring, and blockchain based healthcare technologies are poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry and we are excited to be involved in these at a very early stage.

Personalized healthcare is made possible by genomic sequencing. Combined with enhanced patient feedback, blockchain technology, and large scale data analytics, companies like Witty Health are more able than ever to provide the kind of care most likely to benefit each individual patient.

Although we have seen major improvements in both cancer treatment effectiveness and management of side effects, the next step seems to require a more personalized approach. As these technologies continue to roll out, patient outcome data will be critical in ensuring any progress in this field.

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