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Business loan or personal loan — what’s best for your startup?

A recent study by Florida Atlantic University shows that companies that take on bank loans in the early stages of ...
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Replace food stamps with food boxes?

The Trump Administration is pushing a bold new idea in an attempt to improve and streamline the SNP program. It ...
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Our move to a cashless society

We continue to see the rise of online currency. We increasingly buy things online without any face-to-face interaction. We're moving ...
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4 ways to reduce healthcare costs

Despite paying twice as much per person in total healthcare costs as other modern economies, the United States experiences no ...
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Do you need to wake up early to be successful?

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise," said Ben Franklin. While many famous ...
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What does the stock market plunge mean for the economy?

Despite the horrific 8.5% drop in the S&P over the last few days, our economy is doing just fine. The ...
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Digital health – creating personalized health care

Digital health – creating personalized health care

The healthcare industry is beginning to leverage popular concepts such as “blockchain” and “Bitcoin” to help maximize benefits for patients ...
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Can the criminal justice system learn from its bad outcomes?

Can the criminal justice system learn from its bad outcomes?

The criminal justice system lacks a mechanism to review its processes, especially around negative events. When a significant negative outcome, ...
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What exactly are cryptocurrencies?

Growing in popularity, the currency innovation known as cryptocurrency can be a bit complicated to explain. In short, it's a ...
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How taxpayers benefit when students get more education

As the costs to meet education requirements continue to increase at ridiculous rates, many public schools face budgetary challenges. Furthermore, ...
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7 marketing mistakes your startup should avoid

Marketing is a critical component of any startup. Finding the right customers to launch its brand is the catalyst every ...
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One city to give $500 per month to its poorest people

Using a concept known as Universal Basic Income (UBI), the mayor of Stockton, CA is giving its poorest residents $500 per ...
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Bitcoin and other technologies your small business should start paying attention to

Is bitcoin crashing? Jolted by regulation worries, the digital currency recently dropped 11% on an extended selloff. Despite this drop, ...
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Tax law expected to reduce affordable housing

Novogradac & Company, a national accounting firm based in San Francisco, indicates that the new tax law passed last month ...
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Female entrepreneurship on the rise

Women are starting companies at a historic rate. Currently, there are over 9 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. In ...
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2017 a great year for social impact bonds

Thirty-two new social impact bonds (SIBs) were created last year, bringing the worldwide total to 108. Perhaps most noteworthy was ...
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10 key performance indicators for your nonprofit

Do you have trouble measuring performance? It can be quite a daunting task given the amount of data increasingly available ...
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3 steps to guard your small business against fraud

Who would you guess are more vulnerable to fraud attacks: small businesses or large organizations? If you guessed small businesses, ...
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BlackRock urges companies to focus on social impact

The world's largest investor group, BlackRock, sent a letter to CEOs of public firms saying they must contribute to society ...
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6 trends impacting the world of giving in 2018

The Denver Post published an article outlining 6 trends for philanthropic giving in 2018. While some see the impact of ...
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Top HR trends in 2018

A study done by KPMG reveals what executives in 48 countries believe to be the top human resources trends to ...
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Is overrergulation holding back the U.S. economy?

An article in Harvard Business Review attempts to answer the question, How bad is overregulation for the economy? As the ...
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Minimum wage hikes in 18 states

As the ball dropped on the new year, 18 states and 20 localities across the U.S. raised their minimum wages ...
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7 steps you should take to adapt to new tax law

7 steps you should take to adapt to new tax law

Forbes published an article outlining the key steps an employee should take to adapt to the new tax law. While ...
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U.S. economy projections 2018

Bright outlook for U.S. economy in 2018

Economists are projecting the best year for the U.S. economy since the recession ended in 2009. The recovery, which is ...
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How technology is changing education

As new technologies continue to present themselves ever-increasing rates, there are tremendous opportunities to disrupt classroom learning in a positive ...
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How will the new tax bill affect your paycheck?

In an article published on CNN, the details of the Republican tax proposal are explained. Most interesting is the site's ...
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5 business technology trends for 2018

An article in NASDAQ outlined five key technology trends for businesses to look out for in 2018. Among them are ...
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Economic week in review

Seeking Alpha published its weekly recap of the U.S. economy which showed a positive picture overall. This week, two coincident ...
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The real impact of the new tax bill

Michael Bloomberg is calling the current tax bill proposal a "trillion dollar blunder." While many agree that lowering corporate tax ...
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Strategic thinking – the most important skill for marketers

Marketing Week's recent Anatomy of a Leader study surveyed more than 600 marketers around the U.S. on their opinions on ...
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Development director not necessary?

An interesting blog post in the Clyde Fitch Report outlined a unique approach to nonprofit fundraising. Namely, that your organization ...
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Republicans debate need for welfare programs amid economic growth

Citing there would be "no excuses" for poor Americans to need welfare once economic growth took hold, Republican lawmakers look ...
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Global mobile wallet size to surpass $3.1 billion by 2022

In a new report published by Zion Market Research, the global mobile wallet market size is valued at approximately $594 ...
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4 out of 5 micro-businesses rely on owners’ personal funding

According to the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey, microbusinesses account for 9 out of 10 firms in the U.S. and ...
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4 ways small businesses can tap into big data

Is your business still in the early stages of digital transformation? Do you think it is too small to handle ...
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Businesses not prepared for disasters

A survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in partnership with MetLife shows that majority of U.S. businesses are not ...
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How to use matching funds gifts

Not all pitches about matching funds are equal. The ones that make the most impact are ones that make donors ...
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Innovation in seasonal staffing

Small businesses that need extra help during the holidays or other busy times of the year often rely on seasonal ...
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8 tips for securing government grants

Ever wonder if there was a checklist to follow to ensure your organization does not fail in its quest to ...
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Investment made in veteran-owned small businesses

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is providing over $4 million to help support former American service members who own and operate ...
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Women-owned businesses fastest growing sector in economy

Alyssa DeMatteo, a 26-year old entrepreneur from Seymour, is another in a growing number of women starting and leading businesses ...
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Quick Guide to Google+ for Nonprofits

A post by Elizabeth McDonough offers guidance on how to best leverage Google+ for you nonprofit organization. For those ...
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Eversource completes purchase of state’s largest water utility

Connecticut regulators approved the $1.7 billion sale of Aquarion Water to Eversource Energy, combining the largest energy and water companies ...
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Open enrollment brings hikes in healthcare premiums

For both employers and individuals, increases in healthcare premiums can be expected across the board this open enrollment season. The ...
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Small businesses are becoming less happy with banks

Research firm J.D. Power released results of a survey taken of over 8,400 small businesses about their satisfaction with banks ...
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Wet houses: an answer to homelessness?

Seattle facility 1811 Eastlake provides an alternative approach to battling homelessness. It provides "wet houses," which are supervised facilities that ...
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Nonprofit software firm Intacct announces partnership with GuideStar

Nonprofit software firm Intacct announces partnership with GuideStar

Nonprofit financial software firm Sage Intacct has announced an exclusive partnership with GuideStar. The cloud software firm cites GuideStar as ...
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Connecticut ranks 44th in business tax climate

The Tax Foundation released its annual ranking of tax environments in states. Connecticut ranks 44th. Aside from assessing things like ...
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How nonprofits can repurpose their content to maximize exposure

Nonprofits often count on their heartfelt and impactful stories to help raise awareness to their missions and attract funding to ...
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Webster Bank bolsters small business lending program

Webster Bank has modified its Fast Track Business loan program to help compete with smaller, more flexible lenders focused on ...
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Linda McMahon looks to create stronger link between small business and federal government

As the new head of the Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon visited Connecticut manufacturer Express Kitchens Friday with the two ...
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Trump’s new tax plan

President Trump released details for his new tax plan proposal that dramatically lowers taxes on businesses and many households. Absent ...
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Microsoft social impact group helps nonprofits move to the cloud

Microsoft Philanthropies donated $1 billion of Azure cloud services to over 90,000 nonprofits around the world. This initiative is aimed ...
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Connecticut business law update

A public statute titled An Act Concerning Limited Liability Companies and Business Corporations will amend the Connecticut Business Corporation Act ...
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Finance critical to solving humanitarian crises

An article published by Euromoney paints an interesting picture of the role that finance, in addition to aid, plays in ...
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Impact investing demand much greater than supply

The disintegrated approach to early impact investing deals like social impact bonds and other pay-for-success arrangements continues to create a ...
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Australia’s first social impact bond continues to succeed

Australia’s first foray into social impact investing with its Social Benefit Bond has now shown positive growth for the fourth ...
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Small business succession planning

According to a survey released by Nationwide Insurance, 60% of business owners have no succession plan in place, with more ...
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Improving email subject lines

Annual Giving Network published a good article about making your email campaigns more effective. The strategies in this article revolve ...
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Impact investing – a call to action for data

Stanford Social Innovation Review has published an article, or a call to action, for individuals, organizations, and investors to come ...
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Strategies for successful emails

As many of you struggle to find ways to improve your email campaigns, whether they’re for donations, purchases, or just ...
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6 tactics for fund prospecting

The Nonprofit Times published a good article about the 5 steps of funder prospecting. Some useful tips can be taken ...
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Nonprofits turn to automated marketing in 2017

An article by Marcella Vitulli outlined ways that nonprofits should leverage marketing automation to further their fundraising and donor management ...
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