An Introduction to Human Energy

The great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla coined the term human energy in an essay he wrote in 1900, in which he related all human progress to simple physics—that the human mass is moved forward by an accelerating force and slowed by an impeding force that is both partly negative and partly frictional. He believed the fundamental goal of all scientists should be to solve the problem of increasing this human energy, something he paid increasing amounts of attention to later in his career.

Spera Connect exists with one goal in mind: to increase human energy. This site is intended to appeal to all types of organizations—business, nonprofit, government, etc.—by providing them access to data, articles, funding opportunities and management forums designed to spread knowledge and best practices among the community.

It is our intent to create a conversation around human energy with each and every person who plays a part in our society. The conversation should never just stop at the government or nonprofit level. It needs to be continued by everyone who takes part in a community, including the citizens who live there and the businesses who serve them.

As this conversation grows we can begin to look at ways which different parties can complement each other in achieving outcomes. These outcomes, when tied to something more universal, like human energy, have the ability to take on more meaning. When quantified and measured, these outcomes should strengthen everyone’s ability to come up with new ideas as well as attract funding toward specific ends.

We challenge each of you to participate as often as you want. Your ideas, when brought together and shared, have enormous value. They have the power to combine with other ideas and create something exponentially greater. Spera Connect will be a platform for ideas and sharing, a platform for promoting your organization’s services and outcomes. Talk about them. Make them real and share your efforts with the community. Comment on discussion boards. Write articles and posts about the great work you’re doing both individually and collectively. Use the resources available to you here. Collaborate on new ideas and ask for help.

Please join us in having this conversation.

Open the file below to read Nikola Tesla’s original essay The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.

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