What is Spera Connect?

Spera Connect is a leading resource for businesses, nonprofits, and all types of organizations looking for news, resources, and ideas.

In a world of increasingly complex and integrated economies, organizations need to take every advantage they can to stay ahead. Learn about impending legislation affecting your business—apply for a grant for your new startup—set up a collaborative agreement for shared purchasing—Spera Connect will help your organization move forward, whatever your needs.

Spera Connect is based on three major tenets:


We will keep you up to date with industry and economic trends related to your organization. Attempting to lessen the dependence on a large source of regular news outlets, we hope to streamline your business-related news consumption by keeping things relevant to your needs.


In an ever-increasing digital age, it is getting easier and easier to get lost in the flood of information available to us. We will help aggregate, curate, and translate the information to help you succeed and excel into the future. No need to search dozens or hundreds of databases to find relevant business and economic indicators--let Spera Connect help you tell your story.


Join the conversation about everything related to your immediate economic reality. Connect with other organizations and individuals looking to share in your quest for impact. Use the Spera Connect platform as your basis for collaborating with others and gaining efficiencies that would otherwise be lost by not knowing where to turn.

Use Spera Connect however you see fit

Use the news and resources to keep your management team up to date. Read about industry trends and rockstar organizations. Use the database to craft your story for the public. Most importantly, start a conversation about what matters most to you. There are thousands of organizations with competing and complementary interests—it doesn’t hurt to move forward in a more collaborative manner.